King James Bible Believing Grace Dispensationalist

July 28th - August 1st  2010 

THEME: 400 Years of Eternal Power

Speakers & Messages

David Busch:

Having Confidence in the Word of God 

Richard Jordan:

The Living Word of God, The History of the King James Bible - Part One, The History of the King James Bible - Part Two, The History of the King James Bible - Part Three

Rick Jordan:

Preservation - A Fundamental Promise, Why the Difference in Translations?, Do All the Translations Really Say the Same Thing?

John Verstegen:

Why the King James Bible?, Inspiration - Where Did God's Word Come From?, Words vs. Concepts – What Difference Does it Make?


September 10-12 2010

Ridge Farm Fall Bible Conference

Theme: The King James Bible 400

Speakers & Messages

Richard Jordan:

The History of the KJV-Part 1, The History of the KJV-Part 2, The History of the KJV-Part 3

Ray Keable:

Practical Reasons for Having a Final Authority, Is Biblical "Common Sense" Important for You?

David Reid:

A Statistical Proof from OT Prophecy of the Divine Nature of the Bible, What parts of the Bible should I believe?, Where was the word of God before 1611?


October 29-31, 2010

Southwest Grace Bible Conference
Theme: Celebrating the 400th Anniversary of the King James Bible

Speakers & Messages

Richard Jordan: We are a People of a Book, The History of the King James Bible Pt 1, The History of the King James Bible Pt 2, The History of the King James Bible Pt 3,  

John Verstegen: Words vs. Concepts, Do the Translations Say the Same Thing? Why the King James Bible

Rick Jordan: The Doctrines of Inspiration & Preservation


November 12-14, 2010

Royal Grace Bible Conference 2010

THEME: Psalm 119:89   For ever, O LORD, thy word is settled in heaven

Speakers & Messages

Kinney Beisel: Illumination, Revelation

Richard Jordan: History of the KJB #1, History of the KJB #2, Right division of the Scriptures, Preservation

Perry Lemmons: Is God's word alive?

Johnny Piercy: Inspiration

Ken Scharf: The words make the difference!

Ray Watson: Can you trust the word of God?


January 21-23, 2011:

Florida Grace Bible Conference

Theme: Why We Believe a Book

Speakers & Messages


7:00pm  Richard Jordan: God Gave a Book 


9:00am  Willard Sessoms:  God Spoke the Book

10:00am Des Strydom: God Kept the Book 

11:00am Richard Jordan: Where did the KJV come from?

2:30pm Ladies MeetingMrs. Des (Zjaan) Strydom

4:00pm Richard Jordan: Q & A

7:00pm Russ Hargett: Translating the Book

8:00pm Morris Chesnut: The Perfect Book 


9:00am Fred Bekemeyer: What’s the Difference?

10:30am  Richard Jordan: We Have A Book! 


February 18-21, 2011:

Southwest Winter Grace Conference

Theme: 400 Years of Eternal Power: Celebrating the 400th Anniversary of the King James Bible

Speakers & Messages

Richard Jordan- Understanding the Real Issue– The Final Authority

John Verstegen - What the Bible says about itself– The Word of the Living God

Rick Jordan –The Teaching Ability of the King James Bible– It’s Unique Built in Dictionary

John Verstegen - The Teaching Ability of the King James Bible– It’s Rhythm and Rhyme

Richard Jordan– Wycliff, Erasmus and Tyndale, Question and Answer

Rick Jordan –What Doctrines are affected by the New Versions

Rick Jordan – How do the New Versions impact Right Division and the Grace Message

Richard Jordan- The Impact of the New Versions on Faith and Edification



May 27-29, 2011:

Great Lake Grace Bible Conference 

Conference Booklet

Theme: The Word of Truth (2Tim 2:15) – The Book, The History, The Doctrine, The People

Speakers & Messages


Bryan Ross- What is Truth? (John 18:28)

Richard Jordan- Thy Word is Truth (John 17:17)


Matthew Walker- The Whole Truth & Nothing But the Truth (Deut 4:2)

Des Strydom- The Promise of Preservation (Ps 12:6-7, 119:160)

Bryan Ross- The People and Process of Preservation (Rom 3:1, 1Tim 3:15), The Product of Preservation (Matt 22:31, 2Pet 1:20-21),

Richard Jordan-The Dispensational Superiority of the KJV (2Tim 2:2,15)


Bryan Ross- The Language and Readability of the KJV (2Cor 3:12)

Ted Fellows-The Way, the Truth and the Life (John 14:6, Heb 4:12-13, Gal 3:8)

Des Strydom- The Pillar and Ground of the Truth (1Tim 3:15, 1Th 2:13)

Richard Jordan-Buy the Truth and Sell it Not (Pr 23:23, Eph 6:14,17)

Sponsored by  OGM


July 16-21, 2011:

GSB Family Bible Conference

THEME: 400 Years of Eternal Power 1611-2011

Speakers & Messages


Alex Kurz-With Bible In Hand


Perry Lemmons- God Gives His Word;

Des Strydom- God Keeps His Word;

Greg Hayes- God’s People Recognize His Word;

Ron Knight-God Makes His Word Available;

Richard Jordan -Set Thy Heart to Understand


Edward Yarber-The Word of Truth;

Steve Hamilton- Seek Ye Out the Book of the Lord;

Richard Church-They Received the Word;

Bryan Ross- Wycliff: “The Morning Star of the Reformation”;

Ted Fellows-The Perils of the Season


Charlie McQuillan-The Faithful Word;

Steve Ross- Throughly Furnished;

Matthew Walker- Rhyme, Rhythm and Readers;

David Reid- Erasmus: Laying the Egg for Luther to Hatch;

John Verstegen-The Passion of the Saints

Wednesday: Mike Taylor-The Engrafted Word;

Morris Chesnut-Which Gospel Do We Preach?

Carl Hayes- Words Without Wisdom;

Russ Hargett- Tyndale:  the Plow Boy Gets His Bible;

Rick Jordan- The Power of the Scriptures


Erik Walker- The Word of Life;

Rodney Beaulieu- Thee, Thou and All That;

Arthur Johnson- In the Beauty of Holiness;

Ray Keable- King James and His Scribes;

Thomas Bruscha- The Prerequisite of the Sovereign

Afternoon Seminars:

Ken Scharf- Can We Trust the New King James Version?

Bryan Ross- Inerrancy and the KJB;

Laura WetherbeeLadies Meeting


KJV Conferences & Messages

July 2010-July 2011